Saturday, January 8, 2011

On the street

I really like the way he carries his camera... such a bad ass going out for hours with just a 5D MKII and the 85mm f/1.2 with no extra baggage to weigh him down.

bike do

I've always been inspired by street photography, and I regard the type as the "holy grail" of photography. But, I've always had this fear of going out into the streets alone. Afraid of responses from people, of their reaction to me... a clumsy Asian guy with an intimidating camera.

frost tower

I have to force myself to go out, there are so many unexpected opportunities out there. Just get out the door!

I'm so needlessly self conscious... Most people don't seem to not care at all, or are very welcoming. Hopefully photography will help remedy my shyness. 

typical clubbing

Street photography is something you need a lot of patience for... days and days of taking pictures, often coming back with only 1 semi-usable shot, or perhaps nothing.

Some words of advice... 

down 6th

Sometimes you just get lucky.


  1. I think everyone has that 'fear' when taking photos, that fear of being judged or interrupting someone's day, as if you're intruding. I've noticed it especially with digital, as if it's in our public subconscious that these photos may surface on the internet or something. People don't seem to care as much when you put a film camera in their face, I've noticed. It's almost like they're intrigued. Either way, I think it's the biggest obstacle. Too often I see great pictures yet am too scared to go and get them. When you see old photos by Bresson on Eugene Smith it's as though the people don't even notice them, even if they're right in their faces. I crave that confidence. A long journey ahead, I suppose.

  2. I'm pretty sure the Sartorialist uses a 50/1.4, but yeah that video is pretty inspiring. It got me to start doing the 100 Strangers project.