Monday, April 11, 2011

just pics

I've been taking a lot of pictures lately, but I haven't been updating much... why? Because I wanted to put an awesome, life inspiring and thoughtful message with each picture... and I came up with zip, nada. Just another reminder why I'm not a writer, but someone who takes pictures.

Hope you enjoy my photos from the past 2 weeks.

같이 on Lamar

Gamja tang with Brian and David c.


Went to get a new pair of sandals and ran into Felipe, a reallly old friend from middle school.

There's just something about large panes of glass and light~

draught house pub

David showed me an amazing joint, Draught House Pub, which has an amazing beer selection. I'm learning!

boulevard tank 7 saison

Boulevard Tank No. 7 Saison, a little too complicated for a novice like me, heh. 


Juan, who works at the Supercuts on guadalupe, is the only man that I can trust to cut my hair right.

hey there

Random flower and a school bus


Swim class in UT's natatorium

para aqui

Getting tacos de barbacoa and a torta de buche at El Tacorrido, I'm going to say this right here and to no one else.

F*** restaurant week. There's something fishy about paying 35$ for a meal at a place that normally costs 200-300$... It's like you're paying to see a preview of a movie.

self help

Half-Price books with June

I like UT, I like Austin. Screw what I said earlier.