Friday, January 7, 2011

Biding time at epoch

cities and knights

My apartment complex took this long winter break to do renovations on the apartment, unfortunately this means that I get a loud *BANG BANG BANG* that wakes me up every morning... sometimes even on the opposite wall of my bedroom. So... to escape the annoyance I went to Epoch, normally a place where I'd cram for finals, but this time just a place to chill, surf the web, and play some board games.


People at the cafe are really nice... some even bring their pets =).


After leaving the parking lot, the sun was setting and the clouds formed this beautiful swirly pattern... I instantly thought that it could be a good picture, but I hesitated and continued home, I regretted it and immediately drove back, in the matter of just 2-3 minutes the light drastically changed and it became almost too dark for this pic. Never hesitate, just take the picture.

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