Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Ashley @ zilker park

ashley @ zilker park

Daytime went pretty well =). I'm still writing a small article on portraits... I have a final in 2 days, so hold on!

If you would like to see more from this set, visit my smugmug album : http://moarbokeh.smugmug.com/People/Ashley-Austin/13253358_42WyR#962463672_eKBwL

As far as the Canon 85mm f/1.2 L goes, it's a spectacular lens, but for my purposes it's a bit excessive.

The thing weighs a ton, and the autofocus is a bit slow. With adequite light, f/1.2 seems to give too much dof, I found myself opting for f/1.8 - f/2 most of the time... using the maximum aperture seemed to give a to make her nose out of focus with the focus on her eyes... and the rest of her body? Totally blurred, and blasted away.

Even with the extra f stop, the dang thing is too heavy... causing some additional shake from your hands. If you want to take it for a try, go to precision and rent it for yourself!

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